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Monday, July 12, 2010

You've been waiting....

We splished, we splashed it was one hell of a bash! :)

Keri's bachelorette party went on with out a hitch! The only hitch was me forgetting the OJ at home and worried I lost Danielle in downtown GH!

The place was amazing... even better than I expected! It had so much room... everyone, even if it was an air mattress, had a place to lay their heads! The whole atmosphere was perfect for a carribean themed party! At while sitting at the tiki bar... I did have a feeling I was in Mexico!

All the ladies were definietly in to it... bringing some awesome panties and gifts, being sports about the flowers and flipflops, and belping when or where ever needed! Everyone was sweethearts and I look forward to party'n it up again with them at the wedding! I know that crowd will make sure there is always some one on the dance floor!

I loved the fact Keri got the attention she deserved for being the bachelorette... even with 2 other bachelorette parties there! She got honking... whistling... CHAMPAGNE... and plenty of people saying congrats! She was beautiful so it was hard not to whistle or honk, I'm sure!

The music was awesome! Personally, I thought it was better than if a DJ was spinnin' it. A band just does something that makes it even more fun and crazy! Like the 5 minute dance they made Keri do! She was an awesome sport... and they took advantage of that!

All in all... MY BEST BACHELORETTE PARTY IVE ORGANIZED! :) Deep down... I think I would love to be a party planner... but that was probably my last bachelorette party to organize... guess I better polish up my baby shower skills! ;) Right, Keri?!? :P

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  1. Julie did an fabulous job planning the party - it was awesome! Organizing 16 ladies is not an easy feat...but we had perfect weather, fantastic snacks (thanks to Julie, of course), delicious drinks (again, thanks Julie), a great atmosphere, a fabulous place to sleep (way to go Julie), and the night-time entertainment was excellent. Couldn't ask for better friends or a better time. And I didn't even get sick! That was impressive in and of itself! Julie - thank you SO MUCH for all of your time and effort planning everything. It was everything I hoped it would be, plus I got a whole new set of darling panties, so Bob thanks you too!! THANKS!!!
    You're next, sister ;) Can't wait!
    Love you! Keri