If life wasn't crazy enough with working on our home, Ryan and I getting used to living together after having opposite schedules, trying to figure out my place in the photography world, enjoying our adorable lil' nephews Evan, Forrest, and Levi plus Vivian, our adorable niece... Ryan and I also have a puppy or at least is the size of one, Jack, who is a Jack Russell mix! How fun and YES, and a little crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Philly Bound

This weekend and coming week, I get to experience some of the perks of being Ryan’s wife, a trip to Philadelphia! Ryan’s part of an organization called ASPE, American Society of Pluming Engineers, and there annual convention is there this year. We are being put up in a classy hotel downtown, already been invited to one FABULOUS dinner party at The Down Town Club, and the other wives and I get to be tourists and see and shop everything Philly has to offer! When Ryan can get away from his seminars and lectures, he is hoping to drag me to every Philly Cheese Steak restaurant he can find! Hope they make a version that doesn’t have steak on it…

We are gone for Halloween which is a bummer… I thought it would have been so cute to have Ryan as a football player, I as a cheerleader, and Jack as a football! Yes, they do make a football dog costume! But we will have to save that idea for next year!

Hopefully, Ryan and I will get to spend some time together. These last few weeks we haven’t seen much of each other. We did watch Glee and Parenthood together this week when I got but not to much after he or I are ready for bed.

It’s been hard to come home and see that his dishes are still in the sink or pop bottles have been collecting on the counter. This week I’ve been so work focused that I have let those things slide. When I came home last night, everything was the way I left it that morning. I had washed some new kitchen items I got at IKEA but they were still sitting out drying, they were already dry!

Thank goodness for vacations! Hoping to get some great shots in Philly to post! :)

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