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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rehearsal Dress?!?!

It took me a little bit to decide on my wedding dress... before I made my decision I had found one that was perfect for the feel and venue of our wedding! Well I found the identical dress at Spring Lake Bridal and am thinking cause it's not crazy expensive that maybe I'll buy it as a rehearsal dress?!
Its from Liz Fields who is a newer designer! Spring Lake is the only place around that carries her at the moment... what do you think? Am I going overboard with wanting this dress too?

The white is the wedding dress version and the grey is the bridesmaid dress version... the bridesmaid dress comes in many different colors! Might I add... the wedding dress is $230 and the bridesmaid version is $190!


  1. i love it, you should go with the bridemaids one, any color, only because you may want to save the white for your wonderful day. it is soo pretty!!!!!

    i remember when in high school i wanted a white dress for a dance and my mom told me not to because i should wait till my wedding for white!! and i did, and i will prob. never where white again, (i am to messy) LOL what ever you pick you will look great you always do!!!!!!!

  2. that was from shan sorry i forget to put my name, sorry!!!!

  3. Looking at all the colors this dress comes in, and given the variety you have in bridesmaids, this style would also make a great bridesmaid dress in the shorter version. I think this style would look good on anyone and you wouldn't have to worry quite so much about exact fittings. In any case, I hope SOMEONE gets this dress!! I love it!

  4. your mom has a point!!!! shan