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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What do you think?

Mom and I are very detail oriented... down to napkin rings!?!

If you take a look at my original inspirational picture... they used 3" grapevine wreaths (what some websites call them) as napkin rings!

I've kept my eye on them and have found them for about $0.31 each which includes shipping. Which is better than I bought them for at Michaels where they were $0.49 each.

Do you think this extra little touch on the table is something I should do?

On the tables will be a white table cloth, yard size square of tan burlap over the table cloth, a square size blue napkin in the middle with the quart size mason jar with stones and flowers, pint size mason jar with corks, a blue wine bottle holding the table "name", 4 frosted candles, with the place setting and white napkins... with maybe grapevine napkin rings! OH... don't forget the extra special guest favors! ;)

Here is an example of the napkin ring on the napkin we are using like fabric for the decor of the middle of the table that the jars and bottle will sit on!

I feel like a great looking table is hug thing! A room can look awesome but if nothing is on the table you don't have that WOW factor, in my opinion! I'm all about a great looking table :D.... I don't like mirrors, fake flowers, or tealight candles... you won't be seeing any of those on my tables ;).


  1. Wow, you've made a lot of progress! Your tables will be darling! It's going to look awesome with your setting!

    From your blog it sounds like you're really going to hate my tables since we have fake flowers, tea lights, and mirrors! :)


  2. Oh Keri... I didn't mean it that way. Your location has so much more charicter than mine. You are focusing on so many other things that I'm not and you have like double the guests! We both are going to have beautiful weddings that fit our personalities!