If life wasn't crazy enough with working on our home, Ryan and I getting used to living together after having opposite schedules, trying to figure out my place in the photography world, enjoying our adorable lil' nephews Evan, Forrest, and Levi plus Vivian, our adorable niece... Ryan and I also have a puppy or at least is the size of one, Jack, who is a Jack Russell mix! How fun and YES, and a little crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Progress Made

Ryan and I ran errands this morning pertaining to the wedding.

I called another salon and scheduled hair and makeup appointments. The salon I was originally hoping to go with basically told me they could only get 2 people to do 6 girls hair and 2 girls makeup... I DON'T THINK SO! For Keri's, we had 4 girls doing hair for 7 of us. With one of those being specifically for Keri. I wanted that... I'm the bride and deserve to have the extra attention to my hair... especially since I have ALOT of hair! The salon I scheduled with is right across the hall from the reception location. So... if people get done early, they can just walk the few steps to the reception room and help with setup! I feel much better knowing that we will have 4 girls to do our hair! :) I got in next Saturday to get a practice done! :)

Also, Ryan and I stopped at Meijer to pick up pictures I had printed off for the table decorations. I've got about 28 misc. scenic pictures from Leland. Mom has some too... so we will have to take a look and go threw them to see what we want to use for table names! While there, we saw they had boxes of 36 individual bagged chips that we purchased for the rehearsal dinner. To us, the rehearsal dinner isn't as important as the reception dinner and with that, we are keeping it simple. Subs, Chips, Salads... especially since we are just using the park picnic shelter to do it!

We made a trip to the wine specialty shop right by our house to purchse 24 cobalt blue while bottles and 25 corks! That was the last element needed for the centerpieces/tables. I've already started making a wine bottle lamps but can't find my wire that I have :(... I'm sure it will show up!

My party dress is coming Monday and I'm going to nail down information with our Rev. on Monday! :)

Feels good to have so much done when we are this close! :D

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