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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reception Location

I figured since I showed you pictures of the ceremony location that it was only fitting to show pictures of the reception room. Sorry, they are a little dark.

Fortunately for mom and I, we were there on a Saturday when a wedding was taking place. They had it setup for over 200 people. We are looking at 120-140, which will give plenty of room for everything we could ever want!

They situate the "buffet" on the dance floor during diner. But we are looking at possible plated meals just cause of the selection of entrees you get is much better than the selection to pick from for the buffet.

Above are a couple views looking in on the room. Also, there is a picture of the bar and the coffee table which are located right by each other! The door to the right of the coffee table is to the balcony area! It allows you to look down on the downtown of Grand Haven and see part of the channel! Its a great place to get away from the music!

I have a picture of a similar table set up linens and decor wise! But I thought what this wedding did was also cute! Just change the colors from black and white to blue and tan/brown!


  1. love the place! it looks very nice - it will look great with your wedding colors and table decorations! - Keri

  2. I love the fact they have the white wood chairs instead of the metal folding chairs. Mom wants to get grandma on making table runners and clothes to go over the white table clothes for accents! Just have to decide on the shade of blue! I'm excited to get my hands on the decorating!

  3. The white wood chairs look awesome!

    Are the linens and place settings included in the site rental? Or do you have to pay for them seperately?

    I am excited to see the color blue you're thinking of!

  4. No the colored linens are not included... going to put grandma on making that fun stuff! I was thinking an accent smaller table cloth like my pic of the table settins I like and maybe make a runner...