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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bridal Elegance Bridal Shop

Mom, Jill, and I have made an appointment for tomorrow at Bridal Elegance! It's at 10:30 a.m.... if any one is interested. Afterwards, we are working on Jill wedding stuff... so it will be a full day of wedding planning (which needs to get done).

Bridal Elegance is one of the shops in town that has some more expensive designers, such as Watters and Wtoo. This designer seems to make dresses that are more my style... flowing, not a lot of beading, but extremely beautiful... one thing is they run from $1000 on up. Also, they have a Destination line from Dessy there that I'm looking forward to seeing.

I haven't worried about the budget to this point... and am going to try to not about the dress. A dress I love is extremely important. To this point, I have a picture in my head of everything but the dress... lets hope tomorrow I have some better luck!

Truly, I'm still stuck on the one-shoulder number from Alfred Angelo. Its red carpet beautiful and one of a kind when it comes to wedding dresses I've seen. The only thing about it that makes it look like a wedding dress is that its white! But... it seems a little more formal for a beach wedding... but besides that its all ME! They finally have it on there website... the style number is 2063!

Also, I really love style number 7061 as a possible rehersal dress! BUT... mom also loved this dress for her mother of the bride! One way or another... I hope one of us gets this dress from Alfred Angelo.

Wish us luck tomorrow... we need to get the ball rolling on planning... only 9 months to go!

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