If life wasn't crazy enough with working on our home, Ryan and I getting used to living together after having opposite schedules, trying to figure out my place in the photography world, enjoying our adorable lil' nephews Evan, Forrest, and Levi plus Vivian, our adorable niece... Ryan and I also have a puppy or at least is the size of one, Jack, who is a Jack Russell mix! How fun and YES, and a little crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Success!

Made some wedding progress today... Keri and I visted Davids Bridal for some bridesmaid dress shopping! What a busy place with the big sale they had going on. We seemed to like the satin and chiffon material for the dresses! Take a look and tell me what you think... I just want to make sure everyone finds a style they like and looks awesome on them. I posted the Alfred Angelo styles everyone liked months ago... so go threw and compare. Pricewise they are about the same... color from David's Bridal might be a little lighter in color.

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  1. I like the last one especially, it will look nice in pool blue. and it kinda has a pretty gathering to the side which flatters everybody.

    looks like you gals had fuN!