If life wasn't crazy enough with working on our home, Ryan and I getting used to living together after having opposite schedules, trying to figure out my place in the photography world, enjoying our adorable lil' nephews Evan, Forrest, and Levi plus Vivian, our adorable niece... Ryan and I also have a puppy or at least is the size of one, Jack, who is a Jack Russell mix! How fun and YES, and a little crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Linens for the Tables

Man, is it hard to find "pool" in a cotton fabric... and I sure didn't know until today that there are very few places that sell yards of material. Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabric, and Fields Fabric seems to be the biggest places in the area. We only had an opportunity to visit Joann Fabric. Here is what we came up with...
I would like to a larger square piece of fabric that hangs over the end of the table a inch or so at the corners. Than have a smaller square in the middle of the table where the center piece will sit upon. Big discussion though, should the brown be the big piece or the small piece? Mom likes the brown being the small square and in my pictures, the brown is the larger square!

I'm a visual person so when we find the fabrics, we may have to give both a shot before we make a decision.


  1. love the idea, if needed i can sew the edges, i have a sewing machine! love you babe! shan

  2. Thank you... the hope is to give the place some color and class for less :)

  3. ya let me know!!!! love to help!!!!!!!!